Investment in Turkey

Turkish culture, architecture, beaches, mountains, gastronomic legacy, and much more make it a special location. The country is all the more alluring due to its location in Europe’s most advantageous areas and the distinctiveness of each region.
With an average of 306 days of sunlight per year, the Aegean and Mediterranean shores and their beautiful beaches provide a fantastic climate. Visiting Turkey will undoubtedly be a journey to remember each and every time.
Amazing beaches, seafood barbecues, baskets full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and some of the lowest prices in the world all await visitors and investors in Turkey. Turkey provides incredibly affordable all-inclusive travel and lodging packages with rates that are comparable to, if not better than, those of similarly priced exotic locations like Bali and Central America.
On another note, Turkish human resource is overwhelmingly multi-talented and multilingual. Turkey’s service and hospitality culture alone set the country apart from the rest of the world.
Turkish national pride and protection of their nation’s reputation are well-known. Turkey is thus a highly secure location. Turkish people initially acquire the art of hospitality at home since they are a naturally and socially welcoming culture. Similar to this, visitors to our house or nation are shown the highest respect and consideration.

The benefits of owning a summer residence in Turkey are endless. Turkey is the destination of choice for those searching for a vacation home abroad. To begin with, Turkish real estate costs are still affordable given the lifestyle and standard of living on offer.

Second, you become immediately eligible to get a Turkish passport if the property you choose exceeds USD $400.000 in price.

Third, the average ROI statistically used to be 19 years but post-pandemic circumstances changed this. More people escaping large cities and renting private homes near beaches had a positive impact on rentals. If you own a nice holiday property in a certain region, there’s a very high demand to rent it.

Resourceful and dynamic, the team at Winners Group will guide you through the best-suited real estate and investment deals and processes for your budget in Turkey.