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Benefits Of Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey is an exceptional nation that welcomes a multitude of international visitors annually. Renowned for its renowned resorts, pleasant climate, European-style service and living standards, as well as its abundant historical and natural wonders, the hospitable Republic of Turkey also offers the chance to acquire reasonably priced, top-notch real estate.

Turkey’s real estate market offers foreign investors a dependable and profitable investment opportunity, thanks to its prominent role in global politics, dynamic economic growth, exceptional living standards, and robust security measures.

What are the benefits of buying property in Turkey?

The experts note that Turkey has shown a growing number of foreign investments in various sectors of its economy, including investments in real estate, over the past few years. What triggers such interest? Here are a few objective reasons.

The unique location and climate

Turkey, situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia, boasts a blend of traditional and oriental influences alongside contemporary advancements. The country is a strong advocate of democratic principles, ensuring that all individuals, irrespective of their religion or nationality, can experience freedom and security within its borders. Additionally, Turkey offers its residents access to a temperate climate, stunning natural landscapes, mountain ranges, pine forests, fresh and healthy air, and European-style resorts along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, as well as a wealth of historical landmarks.

Investment attractiveness

The construction and acquisition of real estate are highly appealing sectors for international investors. Overseas purchasers are provided with straightforward and dependable investment opportunities that yield substantial returns in both the short and long term. The primary avenues for lucrative investments include the purchase of residential and commercial properties, acquisition of land for construction purposes, buying apartments that are currently under construction for subsequent resale or rental, as well as investing in the development of residential complexes, apart-hotels, offices, and shopping centers. The industry’s potential is immense and is poised for further growth in the foreseeable future.

Affordable price and wide variety

The Winners Group website currently offers a wide range of properties that cater to the diverse requirements of discerning international buyers. These include opulent villas, penthouses, expansive apartments, cost-effective apartments, and cozy houses, all boasting picturesque sea views. Turkish resort real estate not only presents a significantly more affordable option compared to coastal housing in numerous European countries, but it also guarantees top-notch construction and finishing, cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly materials, meticulous planning, and fully furnished apartments ready for immediate occupancy.

Purchase property in Turkey easily

The Turkish government has shown a keen interest in attracting foreign capital to boost the country’s economy. To achieve this, they have established highly favorable conditions for investments in the market and maintain a welcoming attitude towards foreign capital investors. A straightforward and transparent process for purchasing real estate guarantees the protection of the buyer’s rights, eliminating any possibility of financial fraud or risks. Through the Winners Group agency, it is possible to acquire a property and obtain a TAPU within a short span of time. Our team will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, ensuring a proficient handling of all legal and financial matters.

Types of payment and citizenship

Turkey has established highly advantageous circumstances for foreign financial transactions. Various choices for acquiring real estate are accessible, including mortgage loans, interest-free installment plans, and purchasing at the pit stage. Payments can be made in a convenient currency, either in cash or non-cash, without the need for income source verification.

Furthermore, purchasing a property also presents an added benefit of potentially obtaining citizenship through investment in real estate, provided that the cadastral value of the property surpasses 250 thousand US dollars.

What makes us deserving of your attention and what do we have to offer?

Winners Group boasts a wealth of experience in the Turkish real estate market. Our highly skilled team, well-versed in buy-sale agreements, is dedicated to ensuring your swift, profitable, and secure acquisition of liquid Turkish properties.

Our company’s managers prioritize client satisfaction and are committed to meeting your specific needs. We strive to promptly furnish all essential information and maintain constant communication, available to assist you around the clock.

Our unique offer

The activity of the Winners Group Agency involves services in the selection and purchase of the exclusive real estate in Alania and our professional support at all stages of cooperation. You can always count on us!

After the real estate purchase, we continue to support our clients and resolve any issues related to getting accustomed to living in a new country as part of the after-sales service of the Winners Group company.

When buying a dream home by the sea, you can be sure of our support and assistance with:

  • Preparation of documents for registration of TAPU (certificate of ownership)
  • Verification of title documents for the acquired object
  • Obtaining a tax number and opening a bank account
  • Choosing a bank for obtaining a mortgage with acceptable lending conditions
  • Important point! Our agency will help you transfer money from your country to Turkey on favourable terms.

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