Citizenship In Turkey

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey | Turkish Citizenship Requirements

By purchasing real estate in Turkey, you can become a Turkish citizen and have full citizenship rights. Previously, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you had to buy investments or property worth $ 1 million. Now, in order to attract more foreign investors to the country, this investment amount has been reduced to $ 400,000. Investing in Turkey has now been made easier for foreign investors. Previously, a foreign investor was required to employ 100 people to start a business in Turkey and obtain citizenship, this number was reduced to 50 people, making it easier for a foreign investor to have a business in Turkey for investors who want to have a business.

Foreign investors who have real estate in Turkey can obtain a residence permit in Turkey in accordance with the International Protection Law No. 6458. There is no problem for family members of foreign investors who have obtained a residence permit to reside in Turkey with their family, provided that the sponsor does not exceed the residence permit period.

Alanya region attracts a lot of attention from foreign investors, especially due to both its location and climate. Citizens who want to buy real estate for sale in Turkey first prefer Alanya and reside in Turkey by buying an apartment for sale in accordance with their Turkish citizenship.