Residence Permit

Residence Permit in Turkey

For a residence permit in Turkey, foreign citizens who want to stay longer than the period set by your visa or visa exemption or an extra 90 days must obtain a residence permit. There are 6 types of residence permits for foreigners depending on their status these permits are indicated in the articles at the bottom.

Short-Term Residence Permit

Foreign citizens who comply with the section specified in the articles will only apply for a short-term residence permit.

1- Foreigners who are coming or coming for the reason of scientific research.

2- Citizens of foreign countries who have real estate in Turkey.

3- Citizens of foreign countries who are going to establish commercial investments or businesses.

4- Citizens of foreign countries who will participate in the in-service training program.

5- Foreign citizens who will come for student exchange programs, agreements to which the State of the Republic of Turkey is a party, or similar educational purposes.

6- Citizens of foreign countries who come for tourism purposes.

7- Foreign citizens who do not have one of the diseases that will put public health at risk and come to the country for treatment.

8- Citizens of foreign countries who must remain in Turkey by decisions of administrative and judicial authorities.

9- Foreign citizens who will be transferred to a short-term residence permit if the residence permit loses its residency requirements.

10- Citizens of foreign countries who will participate in the Turkish language learning course.

11- Foreign citizens who will attend courses such as research, training and internship in the Republic of Turkey through public institutions.

12- Students who have completed their studies in Turkey are foreign citizens who have applied within six months from the date of graduation.

13- Citizens of foreign countries who do not work in Turkey, but will invest in the amount and scope specified by the Council of Ministers, as well as their spouse and child connected to it.

14- Citizens of foreign countries who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Documents Required for Short-Term Residence

1- Passport or similar document.

2- Notarized lease agreement.

3- 4 passport photos

4- Health insurance

5- Income statement

For short-term residence permits, additional additional documents may be requested depending on the reasons for the stay.

A Family Residence Permit is issued to a foreign spouse of promoters who are affiliated with Promoters (a Citizen of the Republic of Turkey or a citizen of a foreign country), a foreign child who has not entered puberty, and an adult child who is adopted or dependent on his spouse.

Long-Term Residence Permit

An indefinite residence permit may be issued for foreign citizens who have stayed in Turkey for a minimum of 8 years without interruption and with a residence permit. The conditions necessary to obtain a long-term residence permit are specified below in the articles.

1- 8 years of uninterrupted residence.

2- Having not received any of the social benefits in the last 3 years.

3- A fixed income that is sufficient and regular.

4- A valid current medical insurance.

Long-Term Residence Permit Documents

1- An official document that replaces a passport or passport valid for at least 6 months.

2- 4 passport photos

3- E-signed / Stamped and signed / sealed document stating that he has not received any social assistance in the last 3 years e-signed / signed document stating that he has a sufficient level of material income during the period when he will stay

4- Residence permit documents that he has received in advance (photocopies, if there are no originals)

5- Judicial registration

6- A document stating that it is registered in the address system (a sealed signed document to be received from the population directorates)

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