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Publicerat av kosmos den 05/01/2024

Navigating the Turkish Residence Permit Process: A Comprehensive Guide

In Turkey, obtaining a residence permit is essential for foreign citizens planning to extend their stay beyond the stipulated visa or visa-exempt period, or an additional 90 days. There are six distinct types of residence permits tailored to the individual’s circumstances, detailed in the following sections.

Short-Term Residence Permit:

Foreign citizens falling within specific criteria outlined in the articles are eligible to apply for a short-term residence permit. These include:

Individuals arriving for scientific research purposes.

Foreign nationals with real estate in Turkey.

Those seeking to establish commercial investments or businesses.

Participants in in-service training programs.

Students arriving for exchange programs, agreements involving the Republic of Turkey, or similar educational pursuits.

Tourists visiting for leisure purposes.

Individuals seeking medical treatment, provided they do not pose a public health risk.

Those required to stay in Turkey by administrative and judicial decisions.

Individuals transferring from another residence permit category due to changed circumstances.

Participants in Turkish language learning courses.

Individuals attending research, training, or internship courses through public institutions.

Foreign graduates applying within six months of completing their studies in Turkey.

Investors, along with their spouse and children, who meet specific investment criteria set by the Council of Ministers.

Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Documents Required for Short-Term Residence:

Passport or equivalent document.

Notarized lease agreement.

Four passport photos.

Health insurance.

Income statement.

Additional documents may be requested based on the specific reasons for the stay.

Family Residence Permit:

Issued to the foreign spouses and dependent children of Turkish citizens or foreign nationals who meet the eligibility criteria.

Long-Term Residence Permit:

An indefinite residence permit may be granted to foreign citizens who have resided in Turkey for a minimum of 8 consecutive years with a valid residence permit, meeting the following conditions:

8 years of uninterrupted residence.

No receipt of social benefits in the last 3 years.

A stable and sufficient income.

Valid medical insurance.

Long-Term Residence Permit Documents:

Official document replacing or a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Four passport photos.

E-signed/stamped and signed/sealed document confirming the absence of social assistance in the last 3 years and demonstrating sufficient financial income.

Photocopies of previously obtained residence permits (if originals are unavailable).

Judicial registration.

Document verifying registration in the address system (obtained from population directorates).

In conclusion, Winners Group is committed to providing accurate and reliable guidance to its investors throughout the residence permit application process.

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